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Kobold Got a Boat

The mysterious Golemworks guildmages upheld their end of the bargain. There was lots of talk about gold, magic, and rigging but all that matters is I got a boat. That super sleek barely been in the sea, ship, is going to be mine. I can’t go into the details but that ship is going to be like my new pet magic parrot or some shit like that. Anyways its mine since I am the only one with enough kalith and niguntikis. I still don’t get why we couldn’t get the ship to fly or at least glide. I am thinking I should name it Reskafar’s Roost.

The others had more dealing after we agreed to a price for improvements to my boat. Where do my new crewmates find the stamina to go to endless meetings? We met Tebrilith Peril by her ship the Sea Dragon. Lorenz offered to buy her ship with church money and the audacity to invite her on to the crew. Before I could protest because I didn’t know this munthrek bitch, she screamed when she saw something large in the water. A crazed half-elf man was swimming as fast as a shark straight for us. She panically accepted the deal in exchange for us taking down the half-elf Thrull. No scales off my back to shoot a man in the water!!! Aven and I made quick work of the wounded man. With his dying breath he yelled, “Don’t trust the bitch she stole my ship!!!”. We all turned and gave Lorenz the stink eye for inviting a ship thief on to the crew. She is not going to steal my boat that is for damn sure.


Master Toth lives up to his title. After speaking with the man for some time, I am confident of his abilities to make the Valdemar ship an even greater asset than before. His knowledge on the workings and arcane viscera of golems, elemental binding, and magical sentience is profound. Although he is a salesman also, which I imagine one must be in his profession. Garash, being less than pleased at our initial meeting, also seems rather satisfied with how our operation turned out. Although, it may have cost more, which Sevardomos will halve with us, I find it will serve us well, perhaps in ways we can not yet see. What remains to see is how agreeable our ship’s new mind will be. The kobold had better have a mind to match that corrupted cannon of his. If the ship is unruly, or beyond the kobold’s ken, we may have to take aggressive steps.

As far as the pirate woman is concerned, she is not trustworthy. I am unsure as to what Vestin is planning, but given his skill in these matters, I will leave him latitude to deal with her. Now we know the true extent of her treachery on her previous crew. While she earns credit for wit, she lacks foresight. Now she owes us for saving her life. As for the one from which we saved it, perhaps he can be of some use. This Thrul, this pirate, is impressive, given how long he must have swam to shore, if only to seek vengeance on his betrayer. If we can turn him into an ally, with Vestin’s expertise, perhaps we will make out even better than expected.

Unlikely though, as we already have given our word to protect Peril. But swaying others to his will is Vestin’s domain. If our pirate acquaintances become more of a nuisance than a boon, we will deal with them as necessary. They are already dead within the law. Their lives will continue with their usefulness. The immediate future will reveal just how useful, or dead, they are.

Kobold Got a Boat
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