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Prison Break

@$#*%! It, We'll Do It Live!

All the planning in the world…

As it goes not the worst execution I have been part of… I mean we still don’t know the results but I am an optimist.

We gathered all the info we could and determined our target was located in one of the outer towers. Then Goethe Garax “looked into it”, and determined his exact location. We decided on stealth… well some of us did.

After that we split into two groups, carefully considering our capabilities we determined those who were spotted would form the A Team. The others were B Squad. As the A Team brilliantly infiltrated the tower, B Squad fumbled through the darkness making their way to the prisoner.

Then things got messy. We now have a mostly liberated prisoner, a dead elven commander, and an imprisoned extremely volatile soldier. At least we have the map… well shit.


“A week had passed since Blatz’s last communion with the powers of Hell. A fortunate fact, as we’d recently learned our quarry, Slate, was being held in one of over a dozen towers near the Spire. Careful wording and reasoning led me to the one tower we sought, although the imp remained weak afterward. I must soon take the time to rectify the damage done him by my experimentation. He’d earned it.

We waited until nightfall to make our move, giving us time to consider options and prepare. After several less appealing notions were discarded, it was agreed we would use the pass discovered by Myrrh, one way and another. Half way up, we split. Aven, Myrrh, and the kobold dropped down to a deep gully to pass below the upcoming bridge and the cautious gaze of the Elf guards.

Lord Vestin, now well-disguised as an elf captain, and myself, the most audible pair in our party, then made our way in plain sight. We were quickly stopped, and soon Vestin’s elegant yet irritating subterfuge had us on our way. The proud Elf “captain” strode to the towers as if going home. The guards followed quickly, rudely shoving the “captured interloper” before them. I remain silent, and patient.

Between shoves, I considered what an absurd claim the Mordant Spire Elves had to old Azlant. The Azlanti were human, and far from the modern variety at that, not to mention an enemy to the elves These elves have as much claim to Azlant as I have to the house of Thrune. They have no license, no authority, to hold anyone. Should it come to it, I considered how I might enjoy correcting these Azlanti “inheritors” on this point.

The path to the towers was not brief, nor was my concern the Message I’d cast between us before we split up may expire before we rejoined. At last, Lorenz and I made it to the tower in question. After further smooth talking, he was allowed in. I remained outside the barred door, shoved up against a wall. My patience strained.

To the north, the three river stalkers found the base of the tower. Staying hidden, they caught sight of a door, stories up on the tower’s side. Climbing up, Myrrh found the door locked, but quickly gained entry. Rope dropped; Aven and the kobold followed. Slate, it seemed, was in the very cell to the East. After some questions, confusion, and demands on the part of our rescue, the elves were alerted to our presence. Blood followed.

Downstairs, elven yelling and the unmistakable sound of a lightning bolt were my signal things had gone poorly. Lorenz and I sprang to action. It was with no small satisfaction that I teleported through the bars, and dropped my two guards into a conjured pit. I believe I heard a femur snap. More blood followed.

Soon after, we had locked one viscous elf in Slate’s cell, the rest dead or dying, while Slate reequipped with his stolen gear. The human sorcerer complained, “It’s not here!” I could only assume he meant his map, which meant our map.

One last chest remained in the room, and it shuddered at our approach. Using the elve’s keys, we found what none of us expected. Instead of a map, or anything we cared to find, after the unlatching a tiny faerie dragon burst from the chest and into Slate’s welcoming arms.


Prison Break
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