• Goethe Garax

    Goethe Garax

    Wizard, alchemist, seeker of power and knowledge.
  • Gradon's Folly

    Gradon's Folly

    Valdemar VII, Deep Sea Current, Reskafar's Roost
  • Hellig


    Vestin's Man Hellig
  • Kaledith Sevardomos

    Kaledith Sevardomos

    Drumish Prophetess of Kalistrade
  • Lorenz Vestin IV

    Lorenz Vestin IV

    The Auditor, an independent agent of the Church of Abadar, is tasked to seek out taxes and wealth from those who may work around the traditional bureaucracy.
  • Myrrh (Kitsune)

    Myrrh (Kitsune)

    A fox-like humanoid with black and silver fur moves from the shadows next to your bed. His kind eyes meet yours. "You are in danger and I've been sent to protect you," a reassuring purr comes from his lips. You relax and feel safe. Your final mistake.
  • Reskafar Xurwkar

    Reskafar Xurwkar

    Thick-Scaled Black Kobold with Wings
  • Tebrilith Peril

    Tebrilith Peril

    Half-elf, fiddle-playing, opportunist, bard
  • Vilya Sul

    Vilya Sul

    Sylph Oracle of the Wind
  • Yigorin Slate

    Yigorin Slate

    Half-dragon sorcerer of unknown origin