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A Rude Awakening

A Griffon, an Octopi and Tiefling go for a swim...

I was hoping to get a decent nights sleep. The downside to adventuring, you miss many of the finer things in life, my personal chef isn’t even on board.

After my rude awakening it became apparent that things were not going great. The wizard was gone (lost to sea), a kobold shouting obscenities, and surely more forces of the Spire en route. With no other options on the table we had to negotiate.

The elves were unexpectedly willing to negotiate. All we had to do was to give up the prisoner, the map, and ourselves and for all that they were willing to give us our lives. At this stage not all that unreasonable of a deal. Thankfully the everyone complied and we had a momentary cease fire.

At least there were no more supris…. A fucking half-dragon.

Slate is a half-dragon. A half-dragon with a greatsword. So much for giving him up to the Spire. Well at least he could throw an illision out there and I could give them “the map”. Back upstairs with an invisible Myrrh in tow. With no planning and a short number of options it seemed violence was going to be the answer. Hopefully Goethe can last a few more rounds with that octopi. The signal was given…

After a brief amount of violence the battle was over, none worse for wear. Goethe definitely owes Aven a favor or two. With everyone safe on board we made off with speed. No need to spend any more time in sight of the Mordant Spire.

Tomorrow we must firm up negotiations with Slate. He will be necessary so the contract will need to be renegotiated. I am looking forward to sitting down at the table with him. He has something specific he looking for so hopefully we can use that to our advantage. Kaledith will unfortunately take a hit as she withheld key information that will certainly cost us.


In the fog of night an unexpected visitor arrived. Apparently we have a fan, pun intended. A wind spirit stopped by and she apparently knows Slate and more than a little about us.

A Rude Awakening

We should name our cannon sneak attack maneuver, “Darastrix Nar”, Dragon Strike.

It has worked very well against the Mordant Spire, just ask Isuriand and Miol. wink

A Rude Awakening
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