GM Points

Alex x3
Complete PC, Gear Entry, Lost Wisdom Teeth Bonus (updated 8/17)

Brandon x17
Adventure Log x4, Comments x6, Complete PC, Forums x2, Gear Entry, Beverage (Sept, Oct), MVP (updated 11/13)

Josh x18
Brandon’s GM Points + 1 (updated whenever)
Adventure Log, Comments, Complete PC, Forums, Gear Entry, MVP (updated 8/17)

Paul x6
Adventure Log x2, Comments, Complete PC, Forums, Gear Entry, Drink Stein (Sept) (updated 9/30)

Shaun x5
Comment x3, Complete PC, Gear Entry (updated 8/17)

Please record GM Points on your character sheets. You can mark one down for each of the following criteria:

  • Write the week’s adventure log or post a significant comment after the adventure log has been written (limit 1 GMP per week)
  • Advance the campaign using our forums outside of the Monday night game (limit 1 GMP per week)
  • Impromptu unanimous player nomination for excellent rope playing (limit 1 PC per week)
  • Enjoy your drink of choice from a suitably geeky receptacle during game (limit 1 GMP per month)
  • GM discretionary awards for truly exceptional role-playing greatness
  • Player’s will have earned one-time GM Points for the following: PC creation, maintaining a PC’s inventory under the Item tab, and spearheading party assignments (ex: managing the manifest).

GMP can be exchanged for the following:

  • 15 GMP per additional trait. These traits must reflect in-game progression (i.e. role-playing)
  • 30 GMP per additional feat. These feats must reflect in-game progression (i.e. role-playing)

Weekly GMP – Every week, each PC is granted 1 GMP which may used to:

  • Nominate a superfluous re-roll for a PC other than your own.
  • Pool with the other PC’s Weekly GMP to nominate any single re-roll.

GM Points

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